underground finds: nemanthedeman ‘reversing into the future’

Nemanthedeman’s music follows in tradition with the roots reggae bands of ’70s Jamaica. His compositions are characterized by an intense spiritually and overtly Rastafari movement feel.
‘Reversing into the Future’ / May 2022

His latest release ‘Reversing into the Future’ is a buoyant, shimmery, and vibrant tune. There is actually a lot going on musically, moog synths chords play over a sleazy guitar line, and of course, the classic reggae guitar riff with a little rhythm on the keyboard called “the bubble”, a technique distinctly Jamaican that defines the sound in the roots reggae style. Lead singer Klaumistic sings through all of this, her tone and soft foreign accent give the music a breezy atmosphere making the song a definitive pleasant experience. The melody showcases Klaumistic‘s supreme vocals with a memorable hook, combining them with some of reggae’s greatest horn lines from its grand tradition. these arrangements are music that breathes and lives, a vibe that is not trapped inside the soundproof sterility of studio walls or digital paraphernalia.

Nemanthedeman has indeed done a wonderful job producing this gem. From his own world and vision, he moves into a very emotive track, rich with strings, harmonies, and percussion, and adding the perfect lyrics; “some people can’t see past their noses, never get to smell the roses”, directing the conversation toward the small pleasures of everyday life.

Nemanthedeman has a promising future as a producer and performing artist. The time he has taken to compose, record, and perform this song has shown itself in what can be considered a new take on the traditional reggae. A lion is roaring and asking us to hear his new adventures.