colleen green: ‘never ironic. i believe in true love’

we had to wait 6 years for Colleen Green’s new album ‘cool’. Full of dualities about living in the adult mode, and co-produced by gordon raphael, you can’t get much cooler than this

Colleen Green has a raw talent for simple, infectious pop songs; and ‘cool’ is a surprisingly fresh combination of lo-fi pop and catchy riffs. Created probably while playing guitar and watching old MTV reality shows, hypnotized, Thanks to co-producer Gordon Raphael, her singsong vocals and fuzzed-out guitar, every song on the record is gem.

yeah: let’s talk about ‘cool’, so many dualities in the lyrics which are all things I can relate to as an ‘elder millennial’. Does age have anything to do with it, or are these just concepts you’re naturally drawn to?

colleen green: I’m someone who assumes the grass is always greener on the other side. I want something until I get it, then I want its opposite. Age factors; I’ve racked up more experiences to overanalyze and question and the older I get, the more I wonder what the hell I’m doing and if I’ve made the right choices.  

Speaking of age, the album write-up for “Cool” on Bandcamp specifically references your 2015 release. Do you feel like “I Want to Grow Up” era Colleen would look up to “Cool” Colleen?

I’m proud of how far I’ve come in my life and since “I Want to Grow Up”. Even in the past year I’ve made strides that are bringing me nearer to my personal goals. 

What’s the most surreal thing that happened while you were recording “Cool”?

It was pretty run-of-the-mill but meeting Gordon was a trip.

Gordon Raphael being cool.

Describe yourself in three words:

Chill, nice, fun. 

I’ve been listening to the album on repeat, and I get the sense that in your song “I believe in love”, you’re not being ironic. What’s the inspiration behind it?

I’m never ironic. I believe in true love and I want that more than anything. Over the years I’ve thought about it a lot and realized it’s a huge responsibility and takes real character. That’s what the song is about. 

Do you think you make pop music?

I do. 

I know you joke about this, but what’s gonna happen when CG gets a million followers?

It’s not going to happen. 

Let’s end this interview with some music recommendations. What are some of your favorite guilty-pleasure songs?

It’s old, but I love this one by Foster the People. I’m not ashamed!

  • You can buy today ‘Cool’ by Colleen Green via Hardly Art

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