veda rays want you to believe that reality is a dream


the only certainty these songs have is that they are a new dream inside a bad reality

Veda Rays are a paradox, Veda Rays are from Brooklyn but they no longer live in Brooklyn, but they’re playing in Brooklyn on November 12th at Tv eye in bushwick.

I would define the sound of Veda Rays as something cinematic, a dream in broad daylight, a painting by Max Ernst, an unfinished scene by Ingmar Bergman, a David Lynch trailer or perhaps a surreal poem. That’s what comes to mind listening to their music; a little bit ethereal dream pop, subliminally indie, psychic post-punk, what Veda Rays really knows how to do is mix influences to confuse you, and sometimes Joy Division appears. Bauhaus. The Bunnymen. Everyone in the same room dancing in black trench coats like a film noir. A dream. I’m not going to talk about the album song by song. What I’d like to mention is that “Rose likes leather”, the single that opens the album, it’s probably the best Veda Rays song, and it will led you directly to revisit the best dark goth music from 1987.