the nice new noise coming out of the new new york

kids who grew up listening to the sludgy sound of the ’90s, are giving to that shimmering distortion their own unique thing

new bands from New York City are impregnated with the traces of their inspirations from the 90’s, but in addition to have that school implicit in their sound, they also propose their own new vision, characteristic of new times. And these are some of them that we unconditionally love:

hello mary

Melding together elements of indie rock, grunge and shoegaze
our favorite song: “sink in”
next show: may 12 @ webster hall – new york


UV-TV channels the drive of hazy, C-86 punk, cheerful pop melodies formed by early 60’s girl groups, and occasional shifts from fervent bashing into shoegaze ambiance.
our favorite song: “distant lullaby”
next show: may 22 @ tv eye – ridgewood

smile machine

the solo project of Jordyn Blakely, her cadence and energy remind us at times of MBV, and early Dinosaur Jr., influences slightly registered in each of her songs.
our favorite song: “snail s(h)ell”
next show: probably in bushwick , brooklyn soon